I had in mind to do a run diary in this post but being another day off (it looks like I have quite a few of these, doesn’t it?!) and keen to try out more vegetarian recipes I found myself spending a fair chunk of the day in the kitchen! I had a late start to the morning and did a naughty thing in bed (not the naughty thing you’re thinking of/that I should probably do more often with my husband) checking Instagram before finally getting up around 9. Yes, what a luxury for a weekday! It’s one that I feel super guilty about because I dream about being one of those successful people who start their day on or before 6am and dominate their life ambitions when really I’m one of those people who complains about not having enough time to do a daily yoga practise, read a book a month or dig into the latest business idea I want to execute! In any case, I’ve found that loathing myself for sleeping in only deepens the ditch I’m trying to climb out of so instead I’m trying to appreciate the days I have scheduled off for myself and not feel obliged to achieve anything other than a  calm and relaxed state by the end of the day!


With 35 degrees forecast for the day and plans to see a movie in the evening with my sister and mum, I knocked out my second 3 km run after breakfast (an almond piccolo latte with peanut butter on toast). The sun was already harsh and I resembled a beetroot afterward but my pride held on just long enough to clock the distance I promised you! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about check into this post where I researched the framework of training to achieve my goal of running a half marathon. The short term goal is to hold a conversation easily while running and today’s jog felt pretty far from that! I just have to stick to the plan of running every second day to increase my cardiovascular fitness, even if it’s only for a short distance or alternating between running and fast walking. I got into bullet journalling last year so I will definitely start a ‘running stats’ page to track my progress and share it with you when I’ve collected more data.

I made a smoothie post-run made from frozen banana, strawberries, chia seeds, frozen chopped spinach, about a tablespoon of vanilla pea protein, almond milk and water. It was honestly the ugliest smoothie I have ever made! It was a light brown colour and did not look appetising in the least, but it hit the spot nutritionally. I received a NutriBullet from my parents the Christmas of 2015 and since then it’s been a huge influence over choosing to consume more fresh ingredients over nasty snacks so I would highly recommend getting one if you’re hoping to achieve the same thing! I’ve also become good at drinking more water since intentionally leaving one of those Coca Cola glass freebies from McDonalds (memoirs of a past life…) on the bench top and reminding myself to drink water each time I see it.

After fluffing around with my bible and searching for the right bible reading guide for 2018 (any recommendations? I’ve read through the entire bible twice – once from cover to cover while reading ‘How to Read the Bible Book by Book: A Guided Tour and once chronologically with the Bible App’s ‘Reading God’s Story: One-Year Chronological Plan’ and I’m looking to delve deeper into a specific book or theme, I just don’t know which book or theme!) it was nearing lunchtime and I realised I still hadn’t made the hummus I had been soaking chickpeas for since Tuesday. Naturally I wanted to consume the hummus freshly made but didn’t really have any accompanying meal items so I got to work! I roasted (free!) organic zucchini’s from my mother in-law’s veggie patch and two of three of the yellow capsicums (peppers) I purchased for a total of $1 at the market on Wednesday with olive oil, salt and some dried oregano then decided since I had the oven on (did I mention one of ‘Strength Finder’ results was maximising?) I picked some kale leaves to make into chips (I got a big bunch for $2.50 again from the market) and mixed some spices to try the chickpea recipe I found on Minimalist Baker (since I had put some aside separate from the hummus). The chickpeas went a little further than I would have liked in my oven but I was still happy with the result and will share some images when I try the rest of kale salad recipe. The corn chips were leftover in my pantry from literally 3 months ago and the cucumber I chopped up was from my $1 haul on Sunday. (Oh my gosh, I only literally just realised I had planned to put some tofu chips in too and I completely forgot!) I was really pleased with the complete meal and only discovered it was called a ‘nourish bowl’ after I watched ‘Sarah’s Day’ (my latest ‘health-inso’ discovery)’s latest vlog!


Honestly, I have found myself getting a little hungry either late in the afternoon or before bedtime since only eating home-cooked vegetarian meals but I find this completely normal because a) I am consuming less calories than I would have previously consuming meat and b) I’m so early in my veg journey that I haven’t quite found the right portion size and mix of food groups to create the perfect balance for my body type just yet. I also have a very fast metabolism (my husband has been eating exactly the same meals as myself (perhaps even less) and has not felt hungry at all!) which has been even more active since I’ve started exercising more frequently, so I’m trying to take notice of what’s happening with my body and adjust appropriately. For far I think I need to increase the portion size of my meals overall (more leaves, more vegetables and intentionally loading a full plate and committing to finishing it) and increasing the good carbs I put in each meal. I have a feeling sweet potato is going to be my new best friend!

Just in finishing, I took a few snaps and decided it might be nice to share these and the recipes I use via Pinterest so you can now find me on there as Honest Her Blog. In setting up my profile I needed a logo image so I had a little scribble and thought I would include a progress shot below! I’ll also use it to update my WordPress profile so things are moving along on my little blog and I’m really enjoying the journey. Feel free to get in touch if you try any of the recipes I’ve posted about and if you have any tips for my vegetarian/half-marathon journey!



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